Sublimation printing comes in handy when it’s about recreating stunning designs on t-shirts and other types of materials. For this, sublimation printers and special inks are used. Well, many people who work with normal printers have a question in mind: Can normal printers perform like a sublimation one? If yes then which one to trust, is there any damage to your regular printer if you try to convert it into a Sublimation one?

Generally, printers work on thermal technology or Piezo (pressure) technology. And producing sublimation transfers through heat press application isn’t possible for thermal printers. As thermal printers cannot work with sublimation ink. But if we talk about Piezo (pressure) printers that can work with sublimation ink, it’s possible. You can call it the go-to printer for sublimation.

What Are Sublimation Printers?

Let’s take a look at the detailed analysis of sublimation printers. The quick conversion of artwork to material by using a high heat procedure. In simple terms, converting a solid into a gaseous state directly is conventional sublimation printing. Sublimation ink cartridges and costly sublimation paper are two major ways to get a smooth printing finish. Otherwise, the prints on light t-shirts will peel out from the materials creating ghost designs.

Using specific paper for sublimation printing costs are slightly higher than using standard copy paper. But it holds enormous benefits such as smooth transfer to blanks, materials adopt the color fastly, and deeply infused colors.

Is It Possible To Use Any Printer For Sublimation?

No, not any printer is packed with the required features to handle sublimation printing paper. Sublimation printing is different for different hobbyists. The sharp and vivid end products are only possible when you use sublimation paper and ink cartridges. And generally, printers are not built in the way to work on sublimation papers. If your printer owns the specific printer cartridge that can work with the sublimation process then you must buy sublimation ink.

How To Convert Hp Printer To Sublimation Printer?

HP Printers aren’t designed to be used for sublimation that’s why it isn’t possible to convert them for sublimation. Most HP printers use a thermal heat process that is incapable of printing using sublimation ink. If you go ahead the ink will bake during the printing process.

But here is a piece of good news, the ink will bake during the printing process. An HP home or office printer can print onto a sublimation paper also it can print directly onto fabric. Compared to huge and expensive industrial printers,  it’s wise to buy direct HP’s entry-level industrial sublimation printer.

Are There Any Other Printers That Can Be Used For Sublimation?

Except for HP, few other printers can be used for sublimation. Including Brother, Canon, and Epson. Here is a deep analysis of these 3 printer’s compatibility with sublimation paper and ink cartridges.

1.) Using Brother Printers:

Using Brother printers for sublimation isn’t a good idea. Although the printers use piezo printing technology, the print quality suffers tremendously. The colors will look dull and the designs will come out horribly. Plus, the ink won’t dry out and will splash off the mess.

Brother printers aren’t ideal for professional sublimation printing but they could be suitable for a hobby-only sublimation. The untrue colors and kind of fuzzy designs plus, you’ll have to work with Sub-Par Results.

2.) Using Canon Printers:

Canon printers aren’t designed for sublimation and cannot be converted to a sublimation printer. The major reason for its incompatibilities with sublimation printing is it uses thermal printing technology.

The coolest little desktop printers aren’t available with a built-in heater to sublimate. In case you’re thinking to use sublimation ink, thermal technology will negatively impact sublimation ink. Resulting in low printing quality and hard internal damage. These were some basic things for that, Canon printers cannot be used for Sublimation.

3.) Using Epson Printers:

Finally some good news. The Epson Printers. Since they use Piezo print technology, Epson printers can work like actual sublimation printers. But Epson doesn’t provide any guarantee on its printer with the use of sublimation ink, so if you face any kind of issue expect no tech support from the brand. Epson’s Piezo technology works amazingly well for sublimation ink.

If you understand the basics first then you’ll be completely fine to get a printout using vibration or pulses. The printer works on a “no heat” mechanism for sublimation printing. Epson also offers its sublimation printers at a very good price range but most people use its normal printer for sublimation.

Conclusion – A Little Summary:

How to convert HP Printer into Sublimation Printer? Well, you can’t as HP printers aren’t built in the way to face sublimation printing. Nor do the brother and Cannon ones. You can convert the Epson Printer to the sublimation one but also the consequences aren’t guaranteed. How helpful is this information for you, we hope that you can use the information to get a better sublimation printing.


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