Some huge project coming up or getting bored? Printing homemade cards and creative birthday invites with construction paper is a lovely idea to spend time wisely. Hold on, printing on construction paper? Isn’t it a bad idea, it could jam the printer or worse the damage?

No, absolutely not. Construction paper is perfect for art and various activities. The beautiful colored papers offer stunning results whether you’re planning to decorate the room wall or wishing your loved ones.

What Is A Construction Paper?

Construction paper or sugar paper is made from wood pulp. By analyzing the paper keenly, you’ll be able to see those tiny wood pulps. It’s colored cardstock paper and features a rough texture and an unfinished surface that can be more challenging to be printed on. Used widely among artists, this printable coloring pages are a huge blessing when it’s about crafting some vibrant ideas.

Can You Print On Construction Paper?

You can print on construction paper with the help of an inkjet printer. Made from wood pulp, construction papers are highly recommended by artists. As the texture is a little rough, and to tackle this you need to adjust your printer’s settings. Check your printer manuals, get through the manufacturer’s guides and see compatibility with heavyweight construction papers. Then you’re all good to print heavyweight construction paper on your home printer. Design and print crafts on colored printing papers and ace the artwork.

Here is a little reminder, construction paper can go through the printer but not in all printers. So before moving into your creative mode, always check out the printer’s compatibility.

How To Print On A Construction Paper Conveniently?

Let us tell you printing on construction paper isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a detailed process of printing and so straightforward. Plus this involves several steps to get the perfect finish. The steps are:

Step 1: The normal printing papers of 9 x 12 inches usual size is too large for most printers. Cut the papers and make them to the required size. The 8.5 inches x 11 inches for an inkjet printer is highly preferable to get a smooth printing process.

Step 2: Before printing, it’s extremely restful to find out if the printer is compatible with heavyweight paper. For this purpose, you can do several things. Read the printer’s manual to know about its compatibility or you can contact the printer’s company to get handy information.

Step 3: Now set your printer for heavyweight construction paper. Select the file to print, but remember print colors on colored construction paper may vary. For example, print on black construction paper will look different than on a different color one. If you want exceptional and accurate results, choose white construction paper.

Where Else You Can Use The Construction Paper?

If you don’t have Inkjet printers and have the question Where Else You Can Use The Construction Paper. Here are the details about it.

1.) In A Laser Printer:

Laser and inkjet both can work with construction papers finely. Inkjet printers are usually the perfect fit, as it’s ideal for printing heavyweight papers. Construction papers are not recommended for putting in a laser printer because of the heavier counter cover. If you print in a laser printer, you’ll likely achieve less-than-desirable results.

For this specific purpose, people rated for inkjet printers only with the matter of construction paper.

2.) In A Copy Machine:

If you have a copy machine then stop. You can’t put construction paper in any kind of copy machine, it doesn’t matter the size and performance. Because of the paper’s manufacturing material, the copy machine will get severely damaged. The rough texture might leave little fiber in there, jamming it more often. Resulting in restricting quality prints. Construction paper is heavyweight and will trouble the copier, and the damage would be more costly.

So don’t try to print on construction paper with the help of a copy machine.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Using Construction Paper In Printer?

Although you’re using Inkjet Printer to print on construction paper, there are some disadvantages. Take a look at some of the disadvantages.

1.) Contains Moisture:

Construction paper contains moisture at a high level. And the moisture can disturb the function of the printer by causing severe paper jams. You’ll also be facing smudging during the printing process. Result? Low printing quality.

2.) Requires Time:

The procedure of preparing construction paper is to put it into the tray, adjust the settings, and so on. This time and the energy-consuming process might suck out all the excitement of creating decorative items.

3.) Inkjet Printer – Real Safe Option:

To Use an inkjet printer in printing on colored printing papers is preferable. You just need to follow some tips. Such as using the pass-through option which saves the paper from bending.  And it also helps to avoid the jamming issue.

4.) High Use Of Ink:

Even on normal printing papers, printers require more usage of ink. Do you have any idea how much ink you’ll need to print on construction paper? Here is a great tip. Use low resolution to avoid ink issues, also prevent the printer’s cartridge from leaking. Otherwise leaked ink can cause harm to your printer.

Wrapping Up:

How helpful is this information about Can You Print On Construction Paper? We’ve researched and tested all these techniques and ideas to get you the most accurate information about printing with sugar paper. Make sure to read and act on these steps carefully, so you’ll be safe from causing any damage to your printer.


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